High Voltage EIS Test System

Vehicle electrification is requiring changes in how batteries and fuel cells are tested. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy is a nearly universal technique for testing of batteries and fuel cells that helps understand device function. Until now, doing EIS on these large energy devices used in vehicles wasn't possible. Normal potentiostats don't have the voltage and current ranges necessary to test these devices. Gamry solves this issue with it's new High Voltage EIS Test System. The LPI1010 is Gamry's latest product offering and gives you the capability to perform EIS up to 1000V on these large systems. 


Key Specifications

  • Three models - 10, 100, 1000 V*
  • EIS up to 100 kHz**
  • 16-bit resolution
  • Galvanostatic or Hybrid EIS

*1000 V Coming Soon

**Actual bandwidth depends upon the bandwidth of your electronic load or power supply

The Gamry LPI1010 is designed to accommodate the low impedance of batteries and fuel cells. It can measure complex impedance over a frequency range of 10 μHz to 100 kHz (the upper limit is determined by the electronic load or power supply).

galvanostatic eis 60.9v battery

Galvanostatic EIS on a 60.9V battery. 10kHz to 1 mHz. 0.5 A rms.  




Dimensions  7 cm x 5 cm x 3 cm (l x w x h) – LPI1010 
Weight LPI1010 – 0.5 kg 
Environmental  5-40 °C, 90% Humidity


Measured Voltage Ranges  100  (1000V Coming Soon)
EIS Frequency Range  10 uHz – 20 kHz 


Part Numbers

LPI1010 Load/Power Supply Interface 10V  Part #992-00155

LPI1010 Load/Power Supply Interface 100V Part #992-00156

LPI1010 Load/Power Supply Interface 100V NF Part #992-00163

LPI1010 Load/Power Supply Interface  1000V Part #992-00157