Raman Cuvette Cell Kit

The Raman ITO Cuvette Cell Kit is one of 2 available Spectroelectrochemical Cell Kits for the Raman Spectrometers.


The ITO Cuvette Cell Kit includes:

  • Standard quartz cuvette, 10 mm pathlength
  • Pt wire counter electrode
  • THIS cuvette lid set
  • ITO substrate set (sheet resistance 10-15 ohms, polished float glass, 8x60 mm, thickness 1.1 mm), including two connectors


Raman ITO Cuvette Cell Kit Part #990-00335 

Available accessories include:

  • 972-00010: Raman Cuvette Holder (BCR100A-12mm from B&W Tek)
  • Can be combined with Raman ITO Cuvette Cell Kit () and Raman spectrometer