18650 / Coin Cell 电池夹具

Gamry’s Battery Holders are designed for four-terminal Kelvin-type measurements.  The coin cell holder (992-00113) can accommodate 2016, 2025, and 2032 sized cells while the cylindrical holder (992-00112) is designed for 18650 sized cells.   Each holder can hold two cells and includes a jumper bar that can be used to place the batteries in series.

Product Details

Battery Test Equipment

Anyone doing EIS on coin cells or 18650s needs four-terminal measurements in order to eliminate additional impedances due to cable connections. The contacts on each holder have been gold plated to reduce contact impedance and cable connections have been designed to reduce inductive pickup between the current-carrying leads and the sensing leads.  The cable connections also ensure a reproducible lead placement, reducing variability in your measurements. 

NyquistThe importance of four-terminal measurements cannot be understated.  The Nyquist plot shown to the right highlights the significant benefits of four-terminal measurements over two-terminal measurements.  You can see the increased resistances, seen as an increased x-axis offset and increased semi-circle diameter, and capacitance, seen as increased semi-circle height, associated with the two-terminal measurement.