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Gamry Partners in EIS

Gamry Instruments is proud to be partnered with a number of fellow instrument manufacturers.  Below is a list of equipment manufacturers that currently incorporate Gamry instruments into their setups. 

Why do these companies choose to partner with Gamry Instruments?

Superior isolation and accurate electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS)

We make the best measurements with the best instruments.  Additionally, our software toolkits let OEMs take control of our instruments from their own software providing a seamless interface for data acquisition.

Arbin Instruments

Arbin Instruments

Arbin Instruments was founded in 1991 discovering the need for more accurate, reliable and robust testing systems for electrochemical storage devices. At Arbin, research and development is intensely focused on the Total System Solution, constantly striving to provide turn-key custom designed, stand-alone, and in-line systems reinvesting revenue into research and development to ensure customers receive the highest quality testing systems with cutting edge technology.

Arbin LBT + Gamry EIS - The Best of Both Worlds

Arbin and Gamry Instruments have collaborated to create a high-value product that supplements the multi-channel economy and cycling performance of the Arbin LBT generation systems with the EIS features of the Gamry 5000P, 5000E or 1000E system. Now, a Gamry unit can be utilized by an 8-channel Arbin LBT unit –drastically improving the duty cycle of your lab’s Gamry unit.

For full details on Arbin Instruments, visit www.arbin.com.



BaSyTec GmbH, based in Asselfingen, Germany, is a battery test equipment manufacturer that provides solutions for a range of battery materials, cells, and chemistries.  They currently integrate Gamry potentiostats across their entire line of systems for EIS measurements.  Whether you are looking for low voltage or high voltage, single or multichannel solutions, BaSyTec has a system that can meet your needs. 

For full details on BaSyTec, visit BaSyTec.de



Bitrode has been supplying battery manufacturers and developers around the world with innovative energy storage solutions since 1957.  They offer and extensive product line bitrode gamry3000of battery formation and laboratory test equipment as well as software tools, battery simulation and manufacturing automation tools appropriate to all battery applications and chemistries.

Bitrode has partnered with Gamry to create a ‘one-stop’ product capable of effortlessly integrating Gamry’s EIS measurement software with Bitrode’s VisualCN™ program.  The integration will simplify customer’s set-ups and measurement acquisition.  This integration can be done to existing equipment with simple changes, or integrated at the Bitrode manufacturing facility for a fully-equipped solution.

For full details on Bitrode,  visit Bitrode.com.

Greenlight Innovation

greenlight innovations test stand gamry 3000Greenlight Innovation provides their customers with the tools and equipment needed to accurately test and manufacture products for alternative energy applications. Since 1992, Greenlight has supplied hundreds of battery test systems, fuel cell testing solutions and energy storage test rigs to the world's leading OEMs and research organizations.  

Greenlight has incorporated several Gamry potentiostats into their tests stands for EIS measurements. 

For full details on Greenlight Innovation, visit GreenlightInnovation.com.


Protochips is an established company focused on developing analytical tools for understanding nanoscale materials by providing stimulus in their natural environments.  They support product developers and researchers in both materials and life sciences fields.

Protochips has partnered with Gamry on their Poseidon Select electrochemistry system to facilitate the study of dynamic nanoscale processes in the transmission electron microscope.  Along with the Gamry Reference 600+ and Gamry Framework software, the Poseidon system has been designed with unique elements that resolve the small currents expected in a miniature cell while maintaining imaging and analytical data collection.

For full details on Protochips,  visit Protochips.com