Utilizing the high-voltage electrometer on your Reference 3000

Posted by gamry on October 24, 2011

Your Reference 3000 has a high-voltage electrometer option for measuring cell voltages of up to 32V.  Only experiments from the PWR800 Electrochemical Energy package can take advantage of the high-voltage electrometer.  Several software options must be chosen, as well as making changes to your cell connections, in order for the high-voltage mode to be utilized.

  1. Choose “Compliance Voltage” from the Experiment / Utilities menu.  Select the HI mode.
  2. In your experiment setup window select STACK from the Cell Type option.
  3. Your cell must be connected the following way:
    1. Connect Blue and Green leads to your anode
    2. Connect Orange and Red leads to your cathode
    3.  Connect White and Black leads together