Significantly enhanced resistance to SRB corrosion via Fe-based amorphous coating designed with high dose corrosion-resistant and antibacterial elements

By Zhang, L. M.; Yan, M. C.; Zhang, S. D.; Zhu, L. Y.; Umoh, A. J.; Ma, A. L.; Zheng, Y. G.; Wang, J. Q.
Published in Corrosion Science 2019


In nature, sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) are one of the predominant and most troublesome bacteria associated with microbiologically influenced corrosion. In this work, a specially-designed Fe-based amorphous coating was used to resist SRB corrosion. Results indicated that the designed coating showed superior resistance to SRB corrosion, and the icorr of the coating was about 1/12 and 1/15 of that of 304SS and X80 steel, respectively. Furthermore, the live/dead cell imaging validated good antibacterial efficacy of the Fe-based amorphous coating. Both the obstructed electron transfer and the antibacterial effect were responsible for the superior resistance to SRB corrosion of the coating.

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