Biofilm inhibition and corrosion resistance of 2205-Cu duplex stainless steel against acid producing bacterium Acetobacter aceti

By Liu, Dan; Jia, Ru; Xu, Dake; Yang, Hongying; Zhao, Ying; Khan, M. saleem; Huang, Songtao; Wen, Jiankang; Yang, Ke; Gu, Tingyue
Published in Journal of Materials Science & Technology 2019


Acid producing bacterium Acetobacter aceti causes pitting corrosion of stainless steel (SS). This work investigated the enhanced resistance of 2205-Cu duplex stainless steel (DSS) against biocorrosion by A. aceti in comparison with 2205 DSS using electrochemical and surface analysis techniques. With the addition of Cu to 2205 DSS, biofilms on the 2205-Cu DSS surface were inhibited effectively. The largest pit depth on 2205-Cu DSS surface in the presence of A. aceti was 2.6 ?m, smaller than 5.5 ?m for 2205 DSS surface. The icorr was 0.42

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