Synthesis and ORR performance of nitrogen-doped ordered microporous carbon by CVD of acetonitrile vapor using silanized zeolite as template

By Zhao, Hongwei; Li, Lixiang; Liu, Yuanyuan; Geng, Xin; Yang, Haiming; Sun, Chengguo; An, Baigang
Published in Applied Surface Science 2019


A simple one-step CVD of acetonitrile vapor was successfully used to prepare nitrogen-doped ordered microporous carbon, where zeolite template was silanized to improve activity of carbon deposition into pore walls of the zeolite, CVD time was used to adjust microstructure and nitrogen containing species. XRD, N2 adsorption isotherms, SEM, TEM and XPS were used to characterize the composition, microstructure, specific surface area (SSA)/pore distribution and chemical state of nitrogen-doped zeolite-templated carbons (N-ZTCs). Electrochemical tests were carried out to analyze the performance of samples as ORR catalyst. The results show that the N-ZTC as prepared at 750

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