Effect of B-site doping on Sr2PdO3 perovskite catalyst activity for non-enzymatic determination of glucose in biological fluids

By Atta, Nada F.; Galal, Ahmed; El-Ads, Ekram H.
Published in Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 2019


For the first time, a sensitive, selective and durable non-enzymatic glucose electrode was introduced based on Au-doped strontium palladium nano-perovskite modified graphite sensor. The effect of the metal dopant type in B-site of Sr2PdO3 perovskite; (M: Ni2+, Cu2+, Au3+, and Pt2+) was evaluated. Sr2Pd0.7Au0.3O3 modified graphite sensor with molar concentration of dopant 0.3 showed the highest electro-catalytic activity for non-enzymatic glucose sensing. The high catalytic activity of Sr2Pd0.7Au0.3O3 is attributed to the inclusion of highly conductive Au3+ dopant, generation of extra oxygen vacancies, enhancement of electronic and ionic conductivity, and stabilization of the orthorhombic perovskite structure. The proposed non-enzymatic glucose sensor offered high performance in terms of amperometric measurements in real serum samples, wide concentration range; 0.2 ?M

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