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  • Phone: +215-682-9330, Extension 138
  • Toll Free: 877-367-4267, Extension 138
  • E-mail: dcook@gamry.com

Dan Cook

Technical Support Engineer

Dan grew up in western New York in the Rochester region. He obtained his BS at the Pennsylvania State University working under Dr Barbara Shaw in the Engineering Science and Mechanics department. His undergraduate research revolved around studying the corrosion properties of magnesium as a bio-implantable material. Enjoying his corrosion research, he continued his studies in the Shaw corrosion lab for his graduate work. For his MS he designed and developed a thick film based coating health monitor that utilizes EIS.


During his five year stay with the Shaw corrosion lab he was regularly involved with the Penn State Corrosion Short Course, helping as a teaching assistant. Here he got to know and work with several of the Gamry employees. Dan joined our team at the beginning of 2014 to fill the role of Customer Support Engineer.  His corrosion experience and problem solving abilities have made him a valuable resource for supporting Gamry users.


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