Version 6.25

Gamry is pleased to announce the release of Gamry software version 6.25. Version 6.25 includes support for Raman Spectroelectrochemistry.  We've also included some new features and fixed a number of outstanding bugs.  Here is a short compilation of the highlights and bug fixes.  The complete list is available in the Readme file contained in the download. 

Framework and Echem Analyst

  • Smart parameter checking and error reporting for Cyclic Voltammetry - this should reduce the number of "Signal Invalid" errors
  • Added Equilibration Time to Potentiodynamic Experiments
  • Better error handling in EIS setup dialogs
  • Fixed installation issues on systems with multiple users
  • Aborting an experiment sets Analog Out to zero volts - helpful for turning the rotator off on abort
  • Fixed local-related issues in Multiplexer Setup and Sequence Wizard's Modify Variable
  • Improved functionality for spectroscopy settings
  • Spectroscopy file overlay added


  • Pstats LEDs in Resonator change color when pstat in use
  • Full paths outside of My Gamry Data - e.g. You can now type in "C:\Some folder\another folder\My Data\"
  • Time stampe in QCM data file now reflects the start of the experiment.  Note this is for standalone QCM data.  Data acquired during EQCM experiment have a time stamp that reflects the start of the pstat
  • Full support in Windows 8 and 8.1

Instrument Manager

The Instrument Manager is a feature that was added to version 6 but has been updated to be a standalone application.  The new Intrument Manager now handles all firmware updates.   A Global authorization code has been added to 6.25.  The old authorization sheme for our Global software package still works the same but going forward you do not need to input authorization codes for each package contained in our Global software package.


If you are upgrading, please reinstall all of your purchased software packages, otherwise your pre-existing software packages will fail. All previous versions of Gamry Software will be removed during installation.

Please backup all of your important data prior to upgrading.

Go to the download information page.